Suggested Readings

Truth Reports

National Truth Commission Official Report (2014)

Special Commission on Political Deaths and Disappearances, Final Report (2007)

Dossier on Political Deaths and Disappearances (1995, compiled by families of the dead and disappeared)

Brasil Nunca Mais (1985, Report by the Archdiocese of São Paulo)

Scholarly books and articles in English (under construction; please suggest citations!)

Abrão, Paulo, and Marcelo D. Torelly. “The Reparations Program as the Lynchpin of Transitional Justice in Brazil.” In Transitional Justice: Handbook for Latin America. Ed. Félix Reátegui, 443-85. Brasília/New York: Brazilian Amnesty Commission and International Center for Transitional Justice, 2011.

Atencio, Rebecca. Memory’s Turn: Reckoning with Dictatorship in Brazil

Schneider, Nina. “Breaking the ‘Silence’ of the Military Regime: New Politics of Memory in Brazil.” Bulletin of Latin American Research 30.2 (2011): 198-212.

—. “Truth No More: The Struggle over the Truth Commission in Brazil.” Iberoamericana 42 (2011): 164-70.

—. “Waiting for a Meaningful State Apology: Has Postauthoritarian Brazil Apologized for Authoritarian Repression?” Journal of Human Rights 13.1 (2014): 69-84.


One Response to Suggested Readings

  1. Juliet faithfull says:

    I am going to Rio de Janeiro in a few days and would like to know more. Is there a place where information about dictatorship, truth commission etc can be found? did the old DOPS building get converted into a museum in Rio? i can’t seem to locate it anywhere? thanks

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