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By Vanessa Castañeda

The final report, presented to President Dilma on 10 December 2014, consists of three volumes. The first provides a history, description and the goals of the National Truth Commission (CNV) . The second provides information regarding human rights violations from differing perspectives in various social sectors including militants, urban workers, indigenous, the LGBT community, professors and university students. The third and most extensive details the histories of the 434 killed and disappeared. These volumes do not represent the beginning nor the end of theses investigations.   For a timeline of some of the CNV’s landmarks and highlights, click here.

Now that the Final Report has been handed over to the President, Brazil has two options: to view the report as a historical registry or to serve as another step toward transitional justice. Given the vote from the commission (5-1), the latter was chosen. One of the commission’s next steps seeks to punish those involved in torturing and murdering political prisoners.

In that same vein, the CNV announced two identified bodies of the disappeared: students Joel Vasconcelos dos Santos e Paulo Torres Gonçalves. With the help of digital comparisons, both were recently identified. Joel has been disappeared since March 1971 and Paulo March 1969.

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