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Posted by Vanessa Castañeda

On 27 November 2014, former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso gave his testimony to the National Truth Commission (CNV) about his life exiled during the military dictatorship. Additionally, although he was not tortured himself, he speaks against the systematic torture and other human rights violations that occurred during the military regime.

In light of the dôssies exposing collaboration amongst regimes in the Southern Cone during Operation Condor, Brazilian Public Attorney Rodrigo Janot has officially teamed with the Public Ministry of Argentina to create an international research group investigating the crimes committed by each state. Both countries are grappling with how to address human rights violations during their respective dictatorial regimes, therefore, Janot is confident in the group’s mission.

Federal Justice in São Paulo has changed their original ruling and has now sentenced former colonel Carlos Alberto Brilante Ustra (81) for hiding the cadaver of Hirohaki Torigoe during the military dictatorship. It is the first time that the Brazilian justice system changes a ruling without taking the Amnesty law into consideration.

The CNV’s Final Report, scheduled to be finished on 10 December 2014, was originally going to include a final chapter of investigations surrounding homophobic persecution during the military dictatorship. Brazilianist James Green (Brown University) and Renan Quinalha (researcher of the São Paulo state truth commission) have written a stand-alone text specifically addressing the human rights violations against homosexuals, women and children.

The Truth Commission for Rural Workers and Truth Commission for the Indigenous scheduled to independently release their respective reports of human rights violations during the military dictatorship. Both commissions also sent their findings to the CNV but claim that they have only been partially included in the Final Report.

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