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Posted by Vanessa Castañeda

The Amnesty Commission released an investigation to the Judge’s Association for Democracy (AJD) revealing five judges given political amnesty for having been persecuted during the military dictatorship. One of the five, who remains unnamed, was imprisoned.

The Rio state Truth Commission rescheduled their original visit to the Dops headquarters located on Rua da Relação; a former repressive torture center for political prisoners during the military dictatorship. The commission and State Institute of Cultural Patrimony (Inepac) are using testimonies from former political prisoners to identify architectural elements to preserve as cultural and historic patrimony. Additionally, the state truth commission and civil society groups are demanding the space be used to preserve the memory of the victims from the dictatorship.

The São Paulo Municipal Truth Commission affirms that ex President Juscelino Kubitschek suffered an attack planned by the dictatorial regime that killed both him and motorist Geraldo Ribeiro on 22 August 1976. President of the Municipal Commission Gilberto Natalini (PV) is refuting the National Truth Commission’s (CNV) claim that Kubitschek’s death was due to a traffic accident.

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