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Posted by Vanessa Castañeda

With less than a month before the final report is due, the National Truth Commission (CNV) continues to revise and adjust their official list of victims. After 29 months of research, there is still controversy surrounding the dictatorship, its victims and its legacy.

The Transitional Justice Branch of the Federal Prosecutors found a dossier of CNV members, including President Pedro Dallari, in the Central Military Hospital (HCE) in Benfica (Rio de Janeiro). The investigators had been given a lead that the hospital was hiding and destroying documents of killed political prisoners during the military dictatorship. The only information that was found regarding tortured political prisoners was of Raul Amaro Nin Ferreira (who died in 1971).

The Pernambuco Dom Helder State Truth and Memory Commission (CEMVDH) has received a report from the Amnesty Commission of 51 cases of human rights violations. 10 of the 51 are amnestied Pernambucanos.

Brazil’s 50 year anniversary of the coup continues to host cultural and educational programs throughout the country. This month, the project Mostra Marcas da Memória will be showing three films of Latin-American dictatorship in Itaú cinemas for free.

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