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Posted by Vanessa Castañeda

At the 8th meeting on Brazilian Public Safety, it was determined that in the last five years, Brazilian police have killed more people than American police have in the last 30 years. Sociologist Renato Sérgio de Lima asserts that this is not a problem varying between individual officers, but an institutional phenomenon.

The Rio de Janeiro State Truth Commission (CEV-Rio) has postponed their visit to a former torture headquarters to 24 November 2014. The commission plans to take ex-prisoners from the dictatorship to the restored headquarters (which has been made into a Civil Police Museum) as a way to “transform the space as a space for memory”.

The National Truth Commission (CNV) has estimated that the Brazilian military regime was responsible for 421 assassinations or disappearances of people considered political adversaries during the dictatorial regime (1964-1985). Unfortunately, the report of the 421 victims does not guarantee legal punishment for those responsible.

However, at the same time there have been disagreements between the CNV and family members of those excluded from the CNV’s official list of victims. The 21 names excluded from the list include those who died abroad as exiles from Brazil, accidental deaths and deaths that have not been proven as directly caused by state repression.

Marxist intellectual Leandro Konder died at age 78 on 12 November 2014. He was a philosophy professor at Rio’s Catholic University (PUC-Rio). He sought exile in 1972 after being imprisoned and tortured, but returned to Brazil six years later.

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