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Posted by Vanessa Castañeda

On 6 November 2014, the National Journalists Federation (Fenaj) gave a report to the Commission of Truth And Memory for Journalists, of 50 journalists persecuted during Brazil’s dictatorship. These fifty were eventually given amnesty. However, the commission has also investigated at least two dozen cases of journalists that have resulted in deaths.

The National Truth Commission’s (CNV) Final Report is scheduled to be finalized by 10 December 2014. The Worker’s Representatives of the CNV team (including unions and other entities) has proposed 43 recommendations for the report, including revising the Amnesty Law and punishing companies or businessman (private and public) who collaborated with the military dictatorship. The group also proposed creating its own organization, once the CNV dissolves after completing the final report, to monitor the way their recommendations are being addressed.

The Bahia State Truth Comission (CEV) will propose six recommendations for the final report. The recommendations include: the need to revise the amnesty law, the formation of a national organization that will monitor the final recommendations presented by the CNV and the need to create a national initiative on the importance of memory.  Meanwhile, the CNV remains divided on whether or not to revise the Amnesty Law.

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