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Posted by Vanessa Castañeda

The Amnesty Commission has delivered a report to the Rio de Janeiro State Truth Commission, identifying workers that suffered political persecution and human rights violations from the military government in the state of Rio de Janeiro. This is the first report from a series of investigations that will be delivered within the next few weeks examining workers throughout all of Brazil.

On 22 October 2014, the University of São Paulo held a discussion regarding the institution’s support of the military dictatorship after the 1964 coup. Professor of Law, Dalmo Dallari states that conservative groups began to act even before 1964. For example, famous architect Oscar Niemeyer (who built Brasília) was denied a position in the university because he was a “dangerous communist”.  Intellectuals and academic leaders who were already established faculty were also targeted by the military regime, especially in departments such as sociology and philosophy.

Although, homophobia and transphobia did not originate during Brazil’s military dictatorship, James Green (Brown University) and Renan Quinalha (São Paulo State Truth Commission) claim that the dictatorship permitted and regulated violent persecution of people identified within LGBT community.

In other news, on 4 November 2014, ex-political prisoners Maurice Politi and Flávio Tavares will present their literature at the 60th Book fair in Porto Alegre. The book fair is being put together by the Minister of Culture, the State Secretariat of Culture and the Rio-Grandense Book Chamber and will last from 31 October until 16 November 2014.  Additionally, the International Coalition of Sites of Consciousness and the Amnesty Commission will be hosting the International Congress on Memory: Foundations of Transitional Justice and Human rights in São Paulo from 2 November until 5 November 2014.


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