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Posted by Vanessa Castañeda

On 14 October 2014, the minister of the Secretariat of Human rights, Ideli Salvatii, established a versatile group of researchers to accelerate the investigation of the exhumed bodies from a trench in the Peru Cemetery in São Paulo. It is believed that many of these bodies could be bodies of disappeared from the military dictatorship. The research team will have 36 months to finish the investigation.

The Museum of the Portuguese Language in São Paulo is showing an exhibition from the 14 October until 30 November 2014 called “This Newspaper is also a joke” (which is part of a larger exposition called “This Room is a Joke”, exhibited now for a number of years). The exposition is focusing on the terrible dictatorial years in honor of the 50th year anniversary since the ending of the dictatorship. The exhibition’s main objective is to offer a humorous reflection of the censorship, political persecution, and repression during the dictatorship.

At 10:30 am on 21 October 2014, the National Truth Commission (CNV) will visit and realize an investigation in the Ilha das Flores Navy Base in São Gonçalo in Rio de Janeiro. During this investigation former political prisoners as well as experts and researchers from the CNV and CEV-Rio will identify rooms in the island’s navy base that were used for torturing and imprisonment during the military dictatorship. Since November 2013, the CNV has visited several military locations that carried out torture sessions, deaths, and other violations of human rights.

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