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Posted by Vanessa Castañeda

The Federal University of Espírito Santo’s (Ufes) Truth Commission organized a public hearing on 9 October 2014. Oral surgeon Laura Coutinho gave her testimony of having been a tortured prisoner during the military dictatorship. She was pregnant when she was kidnapped and miscarried during a torture session. Regarding Laura’s case, Professor Ernest Fagundes says “We want to emphasize this case because of the magnitude of human rights violations. The [truth] commission is making these violations public by incorporating memory into politics so that above all else, the new generations will understand what the period of the military dictatorship was.”  Additionally, Ufes’ Truth Commission has received research reports from the Amnesty Commission. These reports include profiles of people associated with the institution who have been given amnesty as well information on persecutions and detention centers.

Pedro Dallari, President of the National Truth Commission (CNV) traveled to Madrid, Spain this week to participate in a conference and talk about the current elections in Brazil. He said the biggest challenge in finishing the Commission’s report in December is “having the military acknowledge committed abuses”.

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