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Posted by Vanessa Castañeda

On the 30th September 2014 former colonel Paulo Rubens Pereira Diniz asked for amnesty from the National Truth Commission (CNV) at a hearing with the Minas Gerais Bar Association (OAB-MG) in Belo Horizonte. During his questioning he admitted to having trained a group of indigenous to fight against guerillas in the Black River Amazonian highlands. Also, he admits he would have followed through with orders to raid the Goiânia plaza, had they not been cancelled. The former colonel also claims to have helped political prisoners and states that he suffers from trauma.

This week, the Amnesty Commission and fifty educational institutions will be showing the cinematic project Mostra in Brazil, with hopes of reaching 10,800 spectators. Mostra will be showing three films: “500-os Bebês Roubados pela Ditadura Argentina” (500-the Kidnapped Children from the Argentine Dictatorship) by Alexandre Valenti, “70” by Emília Silveira and “Duas Histórias” (Two Histories) by Angela Zoe. The project, besides showing films, is creating a space to talk about Brazil’s military dictatorship within schools throughout Brazil.

Peter Ho Peng has been given the chance to vote for the first time. He was born in Hong Kong in 1949 but gained citizenship through marriage. Ho Peng was involved in student movements against the military dictatorship in the early 70s. He was imprisoned for 10 months and was on the list of disappeared for four months, in addition to being tortured in two centers in Rio de Janiero and Porto Alegre. He was stripped of his citizenship but regained it in 2012 after filing for amnesty.

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