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Posted by Hilary Marie Johnson

Brazil’s National Truth Commission announced that no evidence was found connecting the military dictatorship to the fatal car accident that killed former President Juscelino Kubitschek. There were no hints of the former President and his driver being murdered in any of the documents analyzed during the investigation. This announcement goes against what the São Paulo State Truth Commission concluded in their own investigation late last year, that the accident had in fact been a set-up by the military regime.

The Chemistry Institute of USP, one of Brazil’s top universities, withdrew the alleged resignation of Professor Ana Rosa Kucinski, who disappeared during the military dictatorship. Up until now, USP claimed that Kucinski had been fired for having abandoned her job. This stance was upheld in the 1970’s, despite the fact that there was very clear proof Kucinski had been kidnapped by the military regime. If the Chemistry Institute does formally retract Kucinski’s resignation, a near certainty, a sculpture will be erected in honor of her memory in the Institute’s gardens, and a representative will formally apologize to her family.

Brazilians who have been the victims of torture in Chile claim that agents of Brazil taught their Chilean counterparts their torture and interrogation techniques. These ex-political prisoners were held captive in Santiago’s National Stadium, which was transformed into a concentration camp following the coup against President Salvador Allende in 1973. The witnesses, who testified at a hearing for the Senate’s Subcommission on Truth, Memory, and Justice, stated that foreigners were among the first to be persecuted following the overthrowing of Allende, including those who had no political affiliations whatsoever.

Following the commemoration of 50 years since the military coup, the Aparecidos Políticos Collective threw approximately 140 toy parachutes into the air, each bearing the image of someone who died or disappeared during the military dictatorship. The Collective has been promoting military dictatorship-themed art and politics for four years.


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