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Posted by Rebecca J. Atencio

The Brazilian senate’s Human Rights Commission approved a bill (237/2013) that would revise the Amnesty Law to exclude state security agents accused of human rights crimes. The next step is for the bill, proposed by Randolfe Rodrigues (PSOL-AP), to undergo review in the Foreign Relations and Constituição and Justice committees (Comissão de Relações Exteriores, or CRE, and Comissão de Constituição e Justiça, CCJ).

A 1965 telegram from Ambassador Lincoln Gordon to the State Department, now declassified, reveals new information about the role that Roberto Marinho, owner of the Globo media empire, played behind the scenes in the consolidation of the military dictatorship. In the telegram, Lincoln reports that Marinho met with military leaders to discuss the “succession problem” with the goal of arguing in favor of President Humberto Castelo Branco’s continued occupation of the post through a term extension or reelection. According to the document, Castelo Branco was initially resistant to the idea.

The National Truth Commission opposes the reopening of a highway, site of the killings of 5 Brazilians and an Argentine. The victims’ bodies were secretly buried and the exact location has yet to be identified.

A retired member of Brazil’s military police compares today’s police force with that of the dictatorship years in an interview and finds that both share a habit: that of regarding citizens as potential enemies.

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