New Books on Transitional Justice in Brazil

Posted by Rebecca J. Atencio

One of the pleasures of attending conferences is the acquisition of new ideas, new books, new films. Here are some that I picked up recently at the “50 Years after the Coup” Conference in Recife.


Dodge, Raquel Elias Ferreira, ed. Grupo de trabalho justiça de transição: Atividades de persecução penal desenvolvidas pelo Ministério Federal, 2011-2013. Brasília: MPF, 2014. 262 pp. [A report on the activities of federal prosecutors working on building criminal cases against dictatorship-era human rights violators between 2011-2013. Portuguese] 


Marx, Ivan Cláudio. Justicia transicional: Necesidad y Factibilidad del juicio a los crimines cometidos por los agentes del Estado durante la última dictadura en Brasil. La Plata: Al Margen, 2013. 362 pp.  [A comparative study of the jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights as it relates to Brazil and the Supreme Court of the Argentine Nation, by a Procurador da República. Spanish].

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 8.00.21 PM

Piovesan, Flávia, and Inês Virgínia Prado Soares, eds. Direitos Humanos Atual. Rio de Janeiro: Elsevier, 2014. 581 pp. [This edited volume contains essays by several leading human rights scholars from Brazil, such as Paulo Abrão, Marcelo Torelly, Marlon Weichert, Ivan Marx, Edson Teles, Anthony Pereira, and others. Portuguese]

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