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Posted by Hilary Marie Johnson

At the request of the Public Ministry of Argentina, the names of President João Goulart, also known as Jango, as well as other Brazilians monitored while in Argentina will be included in a lengthy act currently in progress on Operation Condor. The decision was made after Argentine Attorney General Miguel Angel Osorio, currently working on the case, received military documents from Brazil that had been forwarded to Argentine officials of the time requesting that Jango and the other Brazilians be monitored. Jango had heart problems and died of a heart attack in 1974. His family and the government believe that he was poisoned.

Accused of torture during the military regime, the retired police commander Aparecido Laertes Calandra, recognized as capitão Ubirajara, formally denied any participation. Calandra affirmed having only bureaucratic ties to the regime and denied knowing any of the victims present at the hearing conducted by the Truth Commission in São Paulo this past December (2013). He also said that he did not have access to the prison cells nor the political prisoners. The public hearing was conducted in the auditorium of Banco do Brasil on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo’s center. Former political prisoners and others were also deposed along with Calandra.

The testimony of 9 people confirmed retired Army Colonel Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra’s participation in the kidnapping of Edgar de Aquino Duarte in 1973. Ustra commanded the DOI-Codi in São Paulo from 1970 until 1974. This is the first penal action with criminal instruction for crimes committed by agents of the State during the military dictatorship. Three former political prisoners testified. Ustra did not show up, claiming that he was ill.

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