Juscelino Kubitschek Was Murdered, Reveals São Paulo Truth Commission

Posted by Rebecca Atencio

The São Paulo truth commission released a statement today that it believes former Brazilian president Juscelino Kubitschek was murdered by the military regime. Kubitschek, known as JK, held the executive office from 1956-1961, during which he oversaw the construction of the capital city of Brasília. Following the military coup in 1964, JK was cassado (stripped of his political rights) and spent some time in political exile. He returned to Brazil in 1967 and became a leader of the political opposition.

For years, JK’s death in August 1976 has been attributed to a car accident, rumors of foul play notwithstanding. Now the São Paulo truth commission has found evidence pointing at a military conspiracy to murder the former president. The bus driver whose vehicle collided with the president’s car has testified that he turned down a bribe to take the blame for the accident. A witness present at the exhumation of JK’s driver has testified to seeing a bullet hole in the driver’s head. This and other evidence has led the São Paulo truth commission to conclude that it has “no doubt that Juscelino Kubitschek was a victim of a conspiracy, a plot and a political crime.” For more, see here.

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