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Posted by Hilary Marie Johnson

The exhumation of the remains of ex-president João Goulart (Jango), who is buried in São Borja, Rio Grande do Sul, is set for November 13th.  Upon exhumation, Jango’s remains will be sent to Brasília, where they will undergo a series of tests. They will be returned to São Borja by the beginning of December, in respect for the date in which the ex-president died. The exhumation will be conducted by the National Institute for Criminology, and Brazilian as well as international participants will be present. For more information, see the story from Estadão or Zero Hora.

Globo, Brazil’s major media group, has apologized for supporting the military dictatorship. The editorial shocked the nation, and while it has prompted speculation as to what Latin America’s largest media outlet had to gain from such a declaration, many believe that it will do little to change the minds of those who view Globo as a “much too powerful defender of Brazilian elite’s conservative values”. Globo has been thrust into the limelight following the protests that began in June if this year. Still largely controlled by the families that supported Brazil’s military coup of 1964, many protestors view Globo as a symbol of the status quo. For further information, see the LA Times article.

The government of the state of Minas Gerais agreed to conduct new tests to shed new light on the death of ex- president Juscelino Kubitschek, who died in a car accident in August 1976. Kubitschek and his driver were killed when their car crashed into a truck on a trip from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo. There are suspicions that the crash was not an accident. New forensic evidence surrounding a fragment of metal found in Kubitschek’s driver’s remains is to be tested in an attempt to discover if the driver was shot prior to the accident. For more on this story, see the story from Folha.

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