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On the 18th of January, the creation of the National Truth Commission of Brazilian Journalists  as well as the Commission of Memory, Justice, and Truth of Brazilian Journalists was announced. The goal of these commissions are to work with various other commissions in order to bring to light the cases of human rights violations committed against journalists. The announcement took place in Porto Alegre during the International Seminary of Human Rights and Journalism, hosted in part by the National Federation of Journalists (FENAJ). For more information, see the FENAJ press release.

New Evidence involving the National Truth Commission’s investigation into the death of former President Juscelino Kubitschek, who died in a 1976 car crash, has surfaced. Many suspect that Kubitschek, who opposed the military coup of 1964, was actually assassinated by the military regime. An anonymous official who said she was not authorized to speak to the press about the investigation has come forward to help build the case.  Specific outcomes or advances in the investigation were originally mentioned in a Commission press release in October 2012, with the Associated Press covering recent developments in the case.

The book published by sympathizers of the military regime telling their version of the military coup of 1964, titled “Orvil: Attempted Power Grabs”, will undergo a second printing now that the first 3,000 copies  of the 943-page book have been sold. Jose Conegundos do Nascimento, a retired lieutenant-colonel, and other unidentified former intelligence officers of the regimen wrote the book. A version of the work sought original publication in 1985 but was deemed too controversial at the time. “Orvil” is the Portuguese word for “book” spelled in reverse. The current version is essentially the same but with an introduction and conclusion that comment on the National Truth Commission and the contemporary political climate. For more information see the story in English from Ahram or the Folha de São Paulo‘s story on the original publication.

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