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Posted by Robyn Smith 

The Truth Commission of the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo is drafting a proposition to revise the coat of arms for the Military Police of São Paulo. The current coat of arms, revised in 1981, utilizes stars to represent major accomplishments with the 18th representing the March Revolution. “The March Revolution” is a term used predominately  by those who deny there was a military coup in 1964. The state Truth Commission will be further investigating the meaning of the stars and the possibility of updating it. To read more on the issue, follow this link.

Mello Bernardo Franco published for the TV Folha de São Paulo a revealing clip discussing the current state of the locations of military torture in São Paulo today. Coming from a conservative news source, the impact of such a work could prove to be powerful as it brings to light the neglect of the city to create a memorial at the DOI-CODI or a number of other locations of torture within the city. 

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