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Posted by David McCoy

The sixth edition of the Amnesty Commision’s magazine Revista Anistia Política e Justiça de Transição was released earlier this month. The magazine contains academic articles, transcripts of interviews, and other information about transitional justice. A free copy in .pdf form is available in a link published in a press release from the Ministry of Justice.

The film-maker Silvio Tendler testified this week in a Rio de Janeiro police statement about his involvement in two tumultuous protests that took place earlier this year, one that demanded punishment for crimes that took place during the dictatorship and another that protested the commemoration of the 1964 coup. About 70 protestors demonstrated in front of the station in a show of support for Tendler, who testified that he was recovering from surgery when those demonstrations took place. For more information see Globo’s story.

At the end of November, the mayor of Petrópolis authorized the expropriation of the “House of Death,” one of the principal sights of torture and repression in the region around Rio de Janeiro. The expropriation was proposed by the National Truth Commission and human rights organizations in order to maintain the location as a site of memory. For more information see the Commission’s press release.

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