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The floor of the federal House of Representatives in Brasilia was the sight of a special commemoration today in which the 173 federal deputies who were deposed during the military dictatorship were honored by being symbolically returned to their mandates. Eighteen of the deposed deputies were present for the ceremony. In total 28 are still alive and 145 are dead.

“If the dictatorship threw us out in a discretionary manner, it was because we could not bend and permit the dictatorship to overpower democracy,” said Milton Reis (MDB-MG), who was deposed in 1969. “We entered politics to defend and strengthen the democratic regime,” he said. For more information see the story in the Correiro Braziliense.

The National Truth Commission received a set of digital archives from a past commission of the House of Representatives yesterday. The commission, called the External Commission of the House of Representatives on Deaths and Political Disappearances, operated between 1993 and 1995 and was the first commission about deaths and disappearances created in the House of Representatives through the Parliamentary Commission of Memory, Truth, and Justice. The delivery of these archives is the first public act of cooperation between the National Truth Commission and the Parliamentary Commission of Memory, Truth, and Justice. For more information, see the press release by the Commission.

On the December 3, a federal judge in Brasília, Olindo Herculano de Menezes, approved an injunction to suspend penal action against a colonel in the reserves, Sebastião Rodrigues Curió, 77, who is accused of having committed the kidnapping and private imprisonment of five leftist guerrillas in 1974. Menezes rejected the Federal Prosecutor’s claim that the case should be investigated on the grounds of the 2010 ruling by the Inter-American Human Rights Court Legal; however, Menezes only suspended the action, which will eventually be tried in court. Action against Curió was rejected once in March of this year, but the Federal Prosecutor was was able to have the decision reversed, and the case was reopened in August of this year. For more information, see the story in BOL.

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