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Posted By Robyn Smith

Work to open the Amnesty Memorial in Belo Horizonte is set to begin this coming Monday. Paulo Abrão, President of the Amnesty Commission,  went to Belo Horizonte today to sign the necessary paperwork to create the memorial at the site of the former Faculdade de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas (Fafich). A budget of approximately $10 million will be dedicated towards the memorial to create virtual rooms to exhibit the history of the 475 dead and missing Brazilians as a result of the military dictatorships.

The first meeting of the National Judicial Council last week lead to the questioning of the legitimacy of the continued use of military courts. Joaquim Barbosa, the President of the Supreme Court, has committed to investigating the function and conduct of the military courts, which only exist in Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul. According to Brazilian law, only the states can choose to absolve the military courts but the debate has led to a much needed discussion on the continued role of the military within Brazil’s government.

The São Paulo Truth Commission has begun to discuss creating a memorial at the site of DOI-CODI in São Paulo. The DOI-CODI, in the middle of a quite neighborhood, was where hundreds of Brazilians were tortured during the dictatorship. Vladmir Herzog died there and Dilma Rouseff was tortured there. Today there is not even a plaque to identify the building were such atrocities occurred  For more information on the creation of the memorial follow this link. Below are current pictures of the DIO-CODI, now a police station. The building used for torture has been turned in to a garage.

IMAG0225IMAG0222Photo Credit: Robyn Smith

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