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Posted by David McCoy

Today, The National Truth Commission received 205 pages of copied documents that were handed over to the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul by the daughter of Colonel Julio Miguel Molinas Dias, the former commander of the Doi-Codi in Rio de Janeiro. Molinas Dias was murdered in Porto Alegre on November 1, 2012. The documents give specific information about the imprisonment of Rubens Paiva, which contradicts the official story of the state during the dictatorship. Additionally,  the documents refer to the “Atentado do Riocentro,” in which state agents during the military regime allegedly planned to bomb a political event in Rio de Janeiro but were killed when the bomb accidentally went off. For more information see the press release by the National Truth Commission or the story by Globo that focuses on Rubens Paiva.

Claudio Fonteles, the former Attorney General of the Republic, was elected the new coordinator of the National Truth Commission on the 19th of November. Fonteles will hold the position until February 16, 2013. He had already been acting as the stand-in coordinator since the second half of September due to the fact that Gilson Dipp, the former coordinator, had been hospitalized for health problems. For more information, see the press release by the National Truth Commission.

On November 22, the Federal Public Minister of Tocantins announced the opening of another public civil action against Lício Augusto Ribeiro Maciel, a soldier in the reserves, for the alleged imprisonment, torture, and homicide of four resistance members during the military regime. While Ribeiro Maciel cannot be sent to prison, the Public Minister suggests he pay a fine of R$100,000 and lose his right to receive his retirement pension. For more information see the story in Sul 21.

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