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The Surui tribe in the Araguaia area in the state of Para have created a truth commission to investigate crimes committed during the military regime. Maria Rita Kehl of the National Truth Commission said the idea to form a commission came from the Suruis themselves. This region of  Para is the area in which the Araguaia guerrilla massacre occured during the dictatorship. For more information, see the story by UOL. As told in a related story published on the same day by UOL, the National Truth Commission has already begun its investigation of the alleged disappearance of 2,000 members of the Waimiri-Atroari tribe whose territory extended from Manaus, Amazonas into southern Roraima where the federal government constructed a highway during the dictatorship. If the Commission establishes a connection between the military and the disappearances, it could increase the number of official disappearances five-fold. The possibility of more cases like this further challenge the number of disappearances  deaths, and torture victims previously believed to have occurred as a result of the dictatorship.

Carlos Marighella, a communist politician turned famous leftist guerrilla, was granted post-mortem amnesty on November 9, 2012, according to Agencia Brasil. Marighella was an active member of the Brazilian Communist Party, one of the principal organizers of the armed conflict against the military regime after 1964, and founder of the National Liberation Action in 1968. DOPS agents assassinated him in 1969. Marighella’s family did not request economic reparations, only formal recognition of his persecution by the military.

The representatives of the state of Parana approved the creation of a state truth commission on the 12th of November. The law awaits approval by the state governor and is expected to pass as he proposed the legislation originally. For more information, see the story by the Gazeta do Povo,

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