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Posted by Robyn Smith 

The Truth Commission has followed up on the 19,400 government documents on dictatorship activity that were illegally burned by the former SNI (National Information Service). The Truth Commission has placed responsibility upon the ministry of defense for the crime and the Minster of Defense, Celso Amorim, has said the ministry of defense will be in “total cooperation” with the commission. Who ordered the burning of the files, what files were burned, and who carried out the orders are currently under investigation.

The National Truth Commission has scheduled a meeting with all of the civil society committees on July 30th. The meeting serves to introduce the National Truth Commission to the committees and hear suggestions from the committees as to the direction the committee should go.

The Ministry of Justice is adding the National Truth Commission in their work, specifically in regards to the Cemetery in Perus and several other torture sites to gather information. There is a large amount of red tape the Ministry of Justice is helping the commission break through to get to the heart of what truly happened during the dictatorships.

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