Truth Commission To Investigate Operation CONDOR

Posted by Robyn Smith 

Operation CONDOR, the coalltion made between 6 of the most powerful countries in South America (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay) to combat communism with military dictatorships, will soon be under examination. Luiz Cláudio Cunha, a prominent Brazilian journalist, submitted a report to the International Seminar on Operation CONDOR held in Brasilia earlier this month. In his report, Cunha included the names of operatives such as the American Dan Mitrione, an export in interrogation who came a year before the military coup to train over 100,000 Brazilian agents, and Brazilian Sérgio Fleury, known as the secret Death Squadron leader. He outlined Brazil’s strong role in training the military regimes in the corresponding nations which is recorded in intelligence documents in Brazil, Chile, and even the United States. Cunha’s comprehensive report including everything from 3 years before the start of CONDOR to its failure in Porto Alegre to a make several resistance members disappear, a plan that was ruined by Cunha himself. The report makes it clear that while Brazil may have had fewer recorded disappearances than other nations, they were heavily involved in the disappearances in Uruguay and Argentina, where people were disappeared to other nations.

Following this report, the Truth Commission released a statement guaranteeing that they would be thoroughly investigating operation CONDOR. A summary of the history of the Truth Commission and operation CONDOR can be read at this link. Questions arise as to what the international impact will be as CONDOR involved not only the South American dictatorships but also the support of capitalist nations, such as the United States.

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