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Posted by Robyn Smith 

The Lei de Acesso à Informação (Access to Information Act) has opened the National Archive which includes extensive photos from the military dictatorship that include photos of Vladimir Herzog’s body, Dilma’s weapons, and a number of religious protests that were never reported. To view these pictures, follow this link.

The National Truth Commission declared the destruction of classified military documents as illegal. This came after the Ministry of Civil Defence and the House committee submitted information where the defense pointed out several documents were missing. The lawyers on the Nation Commission examined the documents and found the information that was omitted to have been done so illegally even for the time period of the dictatorship. The Folha de São Paulo published that 19.4 thousand documents were destroyed by the Serviço Nacional de Informações (National Information Service).

Strikers at the National Archives blocked Truth Commission members for having access to the archives last Thursday. When commission members attempted to explain the importance in bringing justice to the dictatorship one striker responded by saying that it was great to remember the dead but it was more important to remember the living and the democracy that the resistance fought for. Service workers for the National Archive are on strike due to their lack of job security. This story  was published in a conservative newspaper and it echos the sentiment of many conservative Brazilians. It is moments like these that challenge the ability of the Truth Commission to succeed.

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