Rio de Janeiro Bar Association Announces Truth Commission and Memorial Development

Posted by Robyn Smith 

Following in the steps of the OAB of São Paulo, the OAB (Bar Association) of Rio de Janeiro announced on Thursday (the 28th) that they too would host their own Truth Commission. Wadih Damous, president of OAB-RJ, stated the commission would be working from within the state and national truth commissions to evaluate the judges and prosecutors from during the time of the dictatorship.

Damous also introduced the campaign to transform former torture centers into memorials. Locations sited for the campaign include the DOI-Codi (Department of Information Operations and Center for Internal Defense Operations) in Tijuca, the former DOPS ( Department of Social and Political Order) headquarters  in  Lapa, and the Casa da Morte (House of Death) in Petrópolis. Damous hopes that by memorializing these locations, younger generations will become interested in understanding the dictatorship and the price that was paid to bring about democracy. He believes that Brazil is ready to remember as is evident by the 45,000 signatures supporting the opening of the archives of the dictatorship for the Truth Commission.

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