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Posted by Robyn Smith 

Demonstrations outside of the headquarters of the Civil Police in Rio Grande de Sul meant to call the public’s attention to the location’s former use as a torture site by DOPS, created further controversy due to the identities of those who participated. Several of Governor Tarso Genro’s secretaries participated in the protest, including the Secretary of the Security of Police and the Cheif of Civil Police for the state. Airton Michels, the Secretary of State Security, denied the notion that this would cause unrest within the current police force as he sees the point of the protest as remembering past grievances from a former force, with no criticism of the current Civil Police.

In response to President Dilma Rouseff’s claim that torturers from the dictatorship would be hard to identify, Congresswomen Luiza Erundina (PCB-SP) is calling her claim “generous” and is pushing to find the individual torturers as it is a “civic duty”. Erundina sees the lack of punishment brought to torturers as damaging to national sovereignty and the Amnesty Law as an impediment to justice. Erudina, who is also the President of the Truth Commission for the House, is hopeful that the Operation Condor International Seminar, held this year on July 4th and 5th, will shed light on the operation as to who the victims were and what occurred. Erudina hopes to make more Brazilians aware of Operation Condor and the dictatorship as a whole.

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