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Posted by Robyn Smith 

In the latest esculacho, 1,500 people marched down the Avenida Pasteur in Rio de Janeiro to the home of Dulene Aleixo Garcez dos Reis, a suspected torturer who served as an army captain in 1970.

Marilena Chauí, a respected Brazilian philosopher, gave testimony to the University of São Paulo (USP) in support of the institution’s projected Truth Commission. She spoke of the loss of her friend Heleny Guariba, who disappeared during the dictatorship, and her colleague Luiz Roberto Salinas, who survived the dictatorship but died afterwards due to his physical and psychological torture (Salinas is the author of the testimony Retrato Calado). Both were connected to USP. Chauí stressed the importance of remembering those who were lost and of how higher education policies implemented during the dictatorship continue to shape the university today. For a complete transcript of her speech, follow this link.

Pernambuco’s state-level truth commission, based in Recife, requested assistance from the Catholic Church in undertaking an investigation into the death of Father Henrique Pereira Neto. The priest’s body, which bore signs of torture, was dumped in a public area in 1969. The leftist philosopher had been kidnapped on his way home from a meeting of young catholics. The case has been reopened and closed several times since his death. The archives of the state political police (DOPS) don’t appear to have any records on him prior to his death. Pernambuco’s truth commission hopes that the Catholic Church will be able to shed new light on the investigation.

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