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Posted by Robyn Smith 

A recently-signed agreement will allow São Paulo’s state truth commission (Comissão Estadual da Verdade de São Paulo) to access the archives of the national Amnesty Commission (Comissão da Anistia). The national Amnesty Commission was created in 2001 by the federal Ministry of Justice with the purpose of holding hearings throughout the country and awarding financial reparations to those who suffered economically as a result of political persecution during the military dictatorship. These nation-wide hearings have yielded a rich archive, which will now be at the disposal of São Paulo’s truth commission.

On June 14th, Brazilian Secretary of Justice, Paulo Abrão (who also serves as president of the Amnesty Commission described above), announced that information uncovered by the national truth commission can be used by prosecutors in court. This announcement comes as federal prosecutors are attempting to try retired colonel Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra and former Police Chief Dirceu Gravina for the kidnapping of Union leader Aluízio Palhano Quarry Ferreira.

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