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Posted by Robyn Smith 

Earlier this week, Gilson Dipp announced that the National Truth Commission–of which he is one of seven members–will have full access to all documents necessary to evaluating the events that occured during the military dictatorship, including those currently in the hands of the armed forces of Brazil. Dipp’s announcement was echoed by Celso Amorim, who confirmed that the Commission will have access to all documents regarding the three branches of the military during the military dictatorship, including all those previously withheld from the public. Amorim was initially reluctant to commit as to what documents actually existed, but he eventually came out and said that the military did have extensive documents from the dictatorship years (as families of fatal victims and human rights groups have long suspected). For more information on the opening of these archives, follow this link.

Thaís Barreto explains why former state security agent Claúdio Guerra’s recent confessional memoir Memórias de uma Guerra Suja could turn out to be an important instrument for the pursuit of transitional justice in Brazil.

In this interview, broadcast on Globo, former São Paulo governor Paulo Egydio (1975-1979) discusses human rights crimes during his administration and presents himself as a target of the political repression. A critique of Egydio’s interview can be found here.

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