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Posted by Robyn Smith

A decision was reached last Monday, May 21st, by the Truth Commission, Amnesty Commission, and the Ministry of Justice that the three should work together in their efforts to bring justice to Brazil. This official agreement between these three entities will open the door to a more cohesive approach to both finding the truth behind the human rights violations committed during the dictatorship and redressing those violations. For more on the decision, follow this link.

May 24th marked the first preliminary meeting of the Truth Commission. Four of the seven members of the committee met to begin outlining the purpose of the commission and the details in how to go about finding the truth, as was intended by the legislation. The meeting included the presence of  Judge José Eduardo Cardozo of the Ministry of Justice. Judge José Eduardo Cardozo is not an official member of  the Truth Commissions but his attendance of the meeting is a product of the recent decision to have the Truth Commissions work with the ministry in their effort to find the truth. This meeting not only outlined the goals of the commission but also served as an example of the interdepartmental work that will take place.

While the national Truth Commission moved to outline its goals, the Law School of the University of São Paulo (USP) took the first steps in starting their own Truth Commission to reveal the human rights violations that occured within the university from 1964-1985. USP law students and professors have begun signing a petition to begin this commission on a university scale in response to the national commission.

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