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There is a possibility that the Italian government will investigate operation CONDOR. Operation CONDOR was an intelligence network of the Southern Cone countries that aimed to eradicate all political opposition in the region. Italian attorney Giancarlo Capaldo is currently investigating the disappearances of Italian-Argentines Horacio Domingo Campliglia Pedamonti and Lorenzo Ismael Viñas Gigli, who were disappeared in Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul. Capaldo states that the Amnesty Law of 1979 only applies to Brazil, and Italy does not support any pardoning of crimes during the dictatorship era. If the investigation is fruitful, international courts will be oppressing criminals from the dictatorship, which reopens the possibility of Brazilian torturers being put to trial.

Last week students organized an esculacho outside of the Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) in Brasilia. Students reenacted torture scenes including simulations of the “pau-de-arara” which was a commonly used during the dictatorship. As a follow up to our post on March 24th, the court has not yet decided whether to consider continuous crimes an exception to the Amnesty Law of 1979 which has sparked a series of esculachos and popular youth uprisings over the past month. The highest court has been the main institution providing impunity to these crimes, so leaders of the esculachos consider it an important opportunity to change the Amnesty law since it is back on the agenda. The Brazilian Bar Association (OAB, Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil) is still questioning whether continuous crimes will be pardoned.

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