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At the commemoration of the “March 31 Revolution of 1964” last week, military officials criticized the National Truth Commission calling it an act of “revenge” and an “injustice.” Luiz Eduardo Rocha Paiva, a military general, made a speech about the dictatorship highlighting the economic miracle that occurred from 1968 to 1975. He also recognized that torture did occur during the regime, but affirmed that “99% of the torture accusations are lies” and that torture is much more prevalent today under the democratic regime.

The family of Miguel Sábat Nuet, killed in 1973 by the DOPS police organization, wants to create a memorial to remember all of those who were imprisoned and killed during the military dictatorship. Family members of Nuet hope that the crimes that occurred during those years do not continue to go unpunished.

The Argentine poet Juan Gelman, when asked recently about the phenomenon of political disappearance that his country and Brazil share, affirmed that “Finding a desaparecido is to honor him or her, to give him or her a place in memory. The word desaparecido hides four acts: kidnapping, torture, murder, and disappearance.” Gelman’s son was among Argentina’s disappeared; the poet was eventually able to locate the body and give it a proper burial. He now awaits the DNA results of a body suspected to be that of his daughter-in-law. See his interview with Brazilian journalist Joselia Aguiar here.

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