A Warm Welcome to Nina Schneider, New Blogger on TJB

We are delighted to announce that Professor Nina Schneider has kindly accepted our invitation to join the Transitional Justice in Brazil blog. Professor Schneider will post on breaking developments in the Brazilian transitional justice process and related topics. She brings the valuable perspective of a professional historian of Brazil who has published extensively and insightfully on Brazilian memory politics. Her publications include:

  • “Breaking the ‘Silence’ of the Military Regime: New Politics of Memory in Brazil?”, Bulletin of Latin American Studies 30, 2 (2011), 198-212. 
  • “The Supreme Court’s Recent Verdict on the Amnesty Law: Impunity in Post-Authoritarian Brazil”, European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies,  90 (2011), 39-54.
  • “Truth no more? The Struggle over the National Truth Commission in Brazil,” Iberoamericana, vol. 42 (2011), 164-170.

Professor Schneider works in the Department for European and Extra-European History at the FernUniversität Hagen, Germany. She is a grantholder of the Arts and Humanities Research Council and recently finished her PhD at the University of Essex, United Kingdom. Her research interests include authoritarian regimes, particularly in Brazil and the southern cone of Latin America, human rights and historical justice, propaganda, the use of film as a historical source, and oral history.

Welcome, Nina!

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