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Supreme Court Minister Gilmar Mendes has scoffed at federal prosecutors’ attempts to bring charges against perpetrators in dictatorship crimes considered to be ongoing (kidnapping, hiding of bodies):”Let’s wait until this question makes its way up to the Supreme Court. [But in the meantime] we’ll let people discuss it if that’s what makes them happy.” (Thanks to Idelber for forwarding the link).

Last week, Brazil’s Amnesty Commission awarded reparations to seven women persecuted by the military regime in a ceremony scheduled to coincide with International Women’s Day. Since its creation in 2001, the commission has received over 70,000 claims for reparation, only 60,000 of which have been reviewed to date. Of the latter, one third have been denied due to lack of proof, one third have resulted in moral reparation (in the form of an apology), and the other third have resulted in moral and economic reparations.

On March 10th, the play Milagre brasileiro opened in João Pessoa. The play by the Coletivo de Teatro Alfenim revolves around the characters’ search for a disappeared loved one and draws inspiration from Antigone and Nelson Rodrigues’ Album de Família.  The play will run through April 22nd.

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