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In the wake of the state of São Paulo’s move to install its own, state-level truth commission earlier this month, other Brazilian states are taking steps to create similar bodies, Najla Passos reports (scroll down to the middle of her article). … Continue reading

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OAS Officially Opens Inquiry into Brazil’s Lack of Action in the Herzog Case

Posted by Rebecca Atencio The Inter-American Human Rights Commission of the Organization of American States has opened an official inquiry into why Brazil has not investigated or punished those responsible for the murder of journalist Vladimir Herzog. In October 1975, … Continue reading

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Interview with Anthony Pereira

Dr. Anthony Pereira is a professor of Political Science and director of Brazilian Studies at King’s College in London. He is the author of Political (In)justice: Authoritarianism and the Rule of Law in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina (2005). His research … Continue reading

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Rio de Janeiro’s Memorial to Edson Luiz Lima Souto

Guest post and all photos by Adam C. Smith, JD/MS Candidate at Tulane University’s School of Law.   The memorial to Edson Luiz Lima Souto is located in the small, triangular Plaza Ana Amélia just east of the busy Avenida … Continue reading

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Brazilian Youth “Out” Perpetrators

Posted by Rebecca Atencio Following the tradition of Argentine escraches and Chilean funas, Brazilian youths are “outing” accused torturers, spray-painting phrases such as “A torturer lives here” on the sidewalks in front of where said accused torturers live and work. The first outings began … Continue reading

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Brazilian Supreme Court Will Consider Continuous Crimes

Posted by Allison Fisher The Brazilian Supreme Court will decide next Wednesday whether continuous crimes are an exception to the Amnesty Law. The controversy arose when federal prosecutors tried to file criminal charges against Colonel Sebastião Curió Rodrigues de Moura, … Continue reading

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A Warm Welcome to Nina Schneider, New Blogger on TJB

We are delighted to announce that Professor Nina Schneider has kindly accepted our invitation to join the Transitional Justice in Brazil blog. Professor Schneider will post on breaking developments in the Brazilian transitional justice process and related topics. She brings the … Continue reading

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